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Dare to be different? Love unworldly tones?
Do you want to create an unforgettable performance night after night?
Stop right here...

...The Brian Watson "Midi" Bass, fitted with the Roland GK-BG3 Bass Divided Pick up, is your answer to unlocking the gates of true creativity
and it works seamlessly with the Roland V - Bass System, GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, or Boss GK effects pedals. It's time to open up a whole new sonic world!

If you've got a soft spot for spacey synths and sonic experimentation, this is the ultimate piece of kit to expand your musical arsenal. Designed specifically for use with one of the three Roland or Boss systems, you have a multitude of sonic avenues to go down giving your bass a whole new persona that's truly out of this world. You can transition from your natural bass tone right on through to pure scintillating synth or mix both for endless tonal possibilities. One thing is for sure, the second you plug-in-and-play it's going to be a legendary performance where all eyes are locked on you. Whether you crave monstrous and outrageous or captivating and alluring tones the - Brian Watson "Midi Bass"- has you covered.


34" Scale - 2 Octave 
Body - Ash
Fretboard - Rocklite
Hardware - Black 


34" Scale - 2 Octave 
Body - Ash
Fretboard - Maple
Hardware - Black 

watsonbasses handmade midi bass guitar
watsonbasses teak handmade midi bass guitar
watsonbasses handmade ash midi bass guitar
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