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"Walnut - Ebony" Veneers Front & Back

34" Scale - 2 Octave

24 Bell Brass Frets

"Rocklite" Fretboard - 20" Radius

5 Piece Laminated Neck - Maple - Sapele

4 Piece Laminated Body - Sapele

Individual String Saddles - 20mm Spacing

"Deep Set" Neck

Gotoh GB707 Tuners - Cosmic Black

Seymore Duncan STC 3P Active 3 Band EQ

"Ironstone" British Made - Handwound
Single Coil Pick Ups

Matching Pick Up Covers

Satin Finish

 Price £2300

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Includes High Quality

Hiscox Case

brianwatson handmade bass guitar in a hiscox case

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brianwatson ebony walnut handmade bass guitar
 brian watson ebony walnut handmade bass guitar
brianwatson handmade ebony walnut bass guitar
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